Re-charging? That’s yesterdays news

Fed up of fuelling your scooter? Move to Taiwan and get yourself a Gogoro.

Created by two former HTC executives with $150m investment, Gogoro is producing the world’s first scooter with interchangeable batteries.

The idea is that you have two rechargeable batteries in your scooter, when these are nearly empty you nip to a nearby station and take a couple of new ones, simple.

It will cost £2,600 initially, covering purchase, theft insurance for a year and maintenance and battery usage for 2 years. Gogoro claim that each charge will last you about 60 miles, considering the length of Taiwans capital, Taipei is roughly 10 mile sless than that, it sounds like a good idea!

There’s no shortage of demand in Taiwan either. There are currently 15 million scooters serving the 23 million inhabitants.

Here comes the drawback. You can’t recharge the battery yourself, each time you need a new one, you need to find the nearest station and replace it. This essentially means Gogoro have full control over what you pay to re-charge your scooter, let’s just hope they’re reasonable people.

One of the main benefits of the electric scooters is the lack of emissions. With congested cities, taking polutants out of the air can only be a good thing for Taiwan.

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