Airbags for Pedestrians??

Every mass produced car now has an array of airbags inside, so why not put them on the outside as well?

Toyoda Gosei, a Japanese technology company, have created a concept vehicle that they believe will revolutionise transport where pedestrians are concerned.


“Flesby”, is an ultra small mobility car concept, their visionary product.

From designs released, it’s not exactly what you might call a looker, but it definitely stands out. Bright green exterior panels house airbags that will be deployed if an impending collision is detected. This should dramatically reduce the impact that pedestrians are exposed to and therefore reduce the risk of serious injury.

The car also has a range of other futuristic features currently being developed by the company, part owned by Toyota. These include; the Signal Cockpit Link, using LEDs to recreate the environmental lighting and view outside the vehicle in a stunning internal panorama and the futuristic interior that will sense the driver’s mood and posture, which will then be used to alter the interior, including lighting, music and ambiance.

The car is expected to be on roads by 2030, so don’t get too excited yet, but if you’re desperate for a look, head over to the Tokyo Car Show this month for a view of a wireframe mock up of the “Flesby”.

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