• Solar Powered Automatic Barrier For Scottish National Heritage

    12th April 2017

    Automate Systems Install Solar Powered Automatic Barrier Automate Systems installed a Solar Powered Automatic Barrier, restricting vehicle access to forestry roads or remote countryside car parks, which can often be challenging for organisations to manage. Scottish National Heritage approached Automate Systems requesting a solution to control vehicle access to the visitors centre car park and […]

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  • Intelligent Customer Service

    21st December 2015

    There is currently a huge debate as to whether customer service has improved or declined alongside the evolution of technology in the 21st Century. With self-service checkouts, holograms of colleagues in meetings and 24/7 online chats that many companies provide, it is easy to be drawn towards thinking that modern service encounters outperform more traditional […]

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  • Airbags for Pedestrians??

    5th November 2015

    Every mass produced car now has an array of airbags inside, so why not put them on the outside as well? Toyoda Gosei, a Japanese technology company, have created a concept vehicle that they believe will revolutionise transport where pedestrians are concerned. “Flesby”, is an ultra small mobility car concept, their visionary product. From designs […]

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  • Innovating New Road Safety Practices with Mapledown School – Custom Pelican Crossing System

    Innovating New Road Safety Practices with Mapledown School – Custom Pelican Crossing System

    22nd September 2015

    Automate Systems has recently completed a project in partnership with Mapledown School, a London school focused on educating pupils with severe and complex learning disabilities. A fully functional, scaled down, pelican crossing system was installed to aid the school in interactively educating their students about road safety practices. The following is taken from a conversation […]

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  • The Bionic man – Distant future? Think again.

    11th September 2015

    Can you ever imagine being paralysed? Not being able to walk at all for over 4 years? Mark Pollock had lost his sight in 1998 and subsequently went on to become an athlete, competing in endurance races across a variety of terrain. He was the first blind man to race to the South Pole, and won […]

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