• scooter

    Re-charging? That’s yesterdays news

    19th June 2015

    Fed up of fuelling your scooter? Move to Taiwan and get yourself a Gogoro. Created by two former HTC executives with $150m investment, Gogoro is producing the world’s first scooter with interchangeable batteries. The idea is that you have two rechargeable batteries in your scooter, when these are nearly empty you nip to a nearby […]

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  • 3d turtle

    Akut-3 – The 3D printed turtle

    20th May 2015

    When can I get myself a 3D printed bone?  Well if you’re a sea turtle, the answer is, right now: Whilst taking a leisurely swim in a Turkish ocean, a propeller from a boat caught this turtles’ jaw. Without human interference, the turtle could not eat and would either bleed or starve to death. The […]

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  • autonomous truck

    A lorry that drives itself – Ready now

    7th May 2015

    Remember the Top Gear episode a few years back when Lexus claimed their LS could park itself? It was subsequently tested in the studio and seemingly had a mind of its own, trying to attack several boxes and audience members like a rather large, metal Sumo. Things seem to have come along a bit since […]

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  • Networked systems – friend or foe?

    Networked systems – friend or foe?

    28th April 2015

    Share This [addtoany] Is the ever expanding network of information we call the internet not all it seems to the eye? With more and more people and companies harnessing what the internet has to offer, the biggest threat to our security is not just personal anymore, it’s national. Works are currently underway to replace signals […]

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  • Roller Shutter

    SCA Hygiene Products Factory Traffic Management System

    8th September 2014

    Automate Systems Ltd has now completed the install of a factory traffic management system at the SCA Hygiene factory in Skelmersdale, UK.  The system was designed to incorporate a puffin crossing, complete with pedestrian gates, as well as vehicle control signals for forklift trucks within the factory, all interfaced with the existing high speed factory […]

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