Traffic Barriers

Automate Systems Ltd can provide you with Traffic Barriers that are highly effective, making them both easy to see and easy to use. They can provide control for all types of vehicles as well as providing safety and security for pedestrian access within a restricted area. We can provide traffic barriers according to your precise requirements and will always make sure that they comply with safety laws and regulations. Automatic Car Park Barriers are used for site access or factory entrances where the size and length of boom are greater than that required for car parking barriers. Automate Systems Ltd provides a range of automatic traffic barriers, the most popular being a RIB barrier, these come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

You can choose your Traffic Barriers based on different factors:

The type of traffic you get – whether it is light vehicles like cars or two-wheelers or heavy vehicles like trucks and vans

– The nature of your premises – whether it is a public or a private area, a residential area, commercial development or a construction site

– The main purpose of the Traffic Barrier is for instance, controlling the flow of traffic or preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering secure areas.

The RIB Normal traffic barrier has a heavy duty, 230 volt motor and gearbox suitable for entrances up to 6 meters wide. The boom of the Rib Normal barrier is large, 118mm x 80mm x up to 7150mm long. In the event of a power failure the barrier can be easily raised using the supplied hand crank. As the boom is so large the opening time can be up to 11 seconds, which is good for lorries but a little slow to prevent tail-gating in this case, if you are seeking a barrier to prevent tail-gating please click here or give us a call. The Rib Normal automatic traffic barrier can be fitted with a bottom skirt to improve visibility and stop pedestrians from ducking under the barrier boom when it is in the down position. Lengths of barriers with skirts will vary.

When this automatic traffic barrier is used on factory entrances we would recommend that it is fitted with a raised stop sign, meaning the driver can see that the boom is in the down position from their cab, which may potentially be higher than the barrier boom. Other names that can be used for a Traffic Barrier are: Barrier Gate, Rising Arm Barrier, and Rising Barrier. The ideal use of our Automatic Traffic Barriers is where an entrance is unmanned. There is the possibility of using a dual height post with card readers at both car height and lorry height. That barrier will be fitted with an auto close induction loop to safely close the barrier when the vehicle has entered, thus giving automatic traffic management and control. The traffic barriers from Automate Systems are as cost effective to install as they are to maintain. They are held in place using strong materials, minimising your maintenance charges. They are also attractive in their aesthetic appearance and can be resistant to the most corrosive of environments.

We also offer a Solar Powered Barrier, this reduces electricity costs and is more ecologically friendly. An example of this system is shown below.

For any further information on automatic car park barriers or for a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch via telephone, social media or email;

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