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We offer a range of car park payment systems that are user friendly and easy to manage.  They have features designed specifically to help you to maximise income from your car park or parking spaces.

Our range of systems can be suitable for something as small as a handful of parking spots to multi-story car parks.  From our token system to our pay-on-foot ticket and barrier system, we have suitable systems for a wide variety of set-ups.

If you need hourly based rates or day-based flat rate pay display machines, Auto Mate can tailor a revenue earning parking system installation to suit your needs.

Automate has installed car park payment systems at a variety of sites from football stadiums to Zoo’s, with thousands of available spaces to Hotels and small car parks, with as few as 20 vehicle spaces.  Auto Mate has the experience, knowledge and ability to help design a parking payment machines system. We offer machines with payment options including contactless card options that work for all types of car parks that charge a flat rate fee.

car park payment systemsParking Pay Machine & Token Systems

  1. car park payment machinesAuto Mate has designed unique token-based car parking systems solutions with different payment options
  2. We cater for people who are looking to charge a flat rate for daily parking services
  3. Cash and contactless payments with debit cards or credit cards can be made with our products

The cost of ticket-based display equipment can be relatively large. So, our token parking ticket machine can provide an affordable, cost effective solution for customer car parks with fewer vehicle spaces.


The system utilises tokens to allow customers vehicles to exit, with the tokens. These are obtained either from a pay-on-foot stand-alone token provider, which takes a single fee for the days parking. And also, from an employee of the business in a service, reception or till area.

car park systemAutomate car park payment systems are often installed in varying locations like hotel car parks, shop car parks and private inner-city car parks. Many of our clients choose to operate one of our specialist parking ticket machines whereby a token is given out, free of charge, following a purchase in-store.

The token system provides a way to provide a cost-effective payments solution to business looking to generate revenue from parking, whilst still offering free parking services to its paying customers.

All of Auto Mate’s car park payment machines are designed to suit your site’s needs and are highly customisable. They provide a range of different customer options including security settings and ANPR. These options create a system that works, is reliable and most importantly of all, generates sales revenue.

For more information about how we can make our car park payment systems work for you, please call our service line number 0800 169 8688 and speak to one of our experts.

Carpark Equipment 

parking ticket machineA ticket based car park system is designed to provide a robust, versatile and reliable card payments solution for generating revenue from car parking spaces.

Often installed on larger car parks, our ticket based systems require a ticket issuing machine at points of entry. These can be linked to either a secure pay-on-foot ticket processing machine, or a pay-at-kiosk station often with cash or contactless payments.

An Auto Mate ticket machine, working from the barcode on the initial parking tickets, will calculate how long the user has been there and the relevant parking charge. After receiving card or cash payment, an exit ticket will be issued to allow the user to exit the car park.

Our car park system infrastructure is robust with secure units, designed for unattended operation 24 hours a day that can take payments through coins, notes and bank cards.

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Tariffs and payment methods are completely customisable and can be set for both day and weekly rates, as well as offering a flat day rate if needed.

The Auto Mate pay on foot parking system is a ideal way for large car parks which remain unmanned. This  allows large number of users quick and easy access when paying for parking services .

We can also offer pay-at-kiosk payment systems requiring an operator who validates tickets using a validation machine.

The validating machine calculates the charge for parking and issues an exit ticket. A pay-at-kiosk system is often installed alongside the pay on foot machine. These be great for managing large car parks with high visitor loads, offering your customers a variety of ways to pay.

car park payment machinesBoth the pay on foot machine and the pay-at-kiosk machines can be installed on the same site or for street parking depending on your revenue requirements.

Whatever your service or payment methods requirements, be they car park payment systems or a parking ticket machine, you can be sure to to a great solution from Auto Mate.

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We can offer:

  • Supply and installation of a fully operational and integrated car park payment system or parking ticket system.
  • A full 12 month warranty with all installations.
  • Various maintenance contract options to suit your requirements (all at competitive rates).
  • A design solution for your particular site.
  • Diagrams and technical information on cable installations for our products.
  • A specification of products required to help with your building design.

For any further information or for a quote on car park payment systems, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email as shown below;

Phone: 01254 234248