Solar Powered Automatic Barrier For Scottish National Heritage

Automate Systems Install Solar Powered Automatic Barrier

Automate Systems installed a Solar Powered Automatic Barrier, restricting vehicle access to forestry roads or remote countryside car parks, which can often be challenging for organisations to manage.

Scottish National Heritage approached Automate Systems requesting a solution to control vehicle access to the visitors centre car park and due to the remote location where the barrier was to be installed, the issue was always going to be getting power to the barrier pedestal.

By installing a Solar Powered Automatic Barrier, the cost and work involved in putting in a 230v power supply was eliminated, whilst still providing a reliable and secure automated access control system.

The Solar Powered Automatic Barrier was the perfect solution for Scottish National Heritage and was in keeping with their organisation values, with the installation causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

For organisations and businesses that are conscious of their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment, the Solar Powered Barrier is the perfect solution.  It portrays an eco-friendly professional image whilst also providing a cost-effective long term solution, as they are long-lasting and require very little upkeep.

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