Cashless Turnstile Upgrade – Lake District

Introducing our latest installation, the Auto Mate Systems (AMS) VPOS Payment Terminal.

Installed at a set of public toilets at Hawkshead, in the Lake District National Park, the VPOS Payment Terminal will now allow users to pay the 30p toilet fee by debit/credit card.

With less and less people carrying cash in our modern day society, the cashless card reader provides the perfect solution, while decreasing the chances of non-payment / turnstile breach, due to not having coins/correct change.

Whether your card is contactless or not, the AMS VPOS Payment Terminal will allow you entry without the use of coins, via either contactless payment, or, card swipe.  Although, coin payment, in this instance, is still available, we can supply and install purely cashless turnstiles or the combination of both coin acceptor and card payment terminal.

This can be installed as part of a totally new system, or, as pictured, can be installed on to an existing turnstile.  Small percentage fee’s do apply for the hosting of the card payment terminal, please enquire for further details.

For any further information on our Half Height Turnstiles or the AMS VPOS Payment Terminal, please do not hesitate to contact us on the below;

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