Product Drawings

Feel free to download one of our drawings of our products.

On this page you can find dimension drawings of Automatic Barriers (with a variety of different layouts), Turnstiles,Ā Sliding GatesĀ and Cantilever Gates, available in PDF format. Also on this page, you can find data sheets for both our Radar Speed Signs and ourĀ Automatic Bollards.Ā 

If you would like the file in .dwg (AutoCad format) then email us at or give us a call on 01254 234248

Our drawings are perfect for architects or otherwise looking to help plan a site.

Automatic Barriers

Rapid N Barriers:

The RIB “Rapid N” is a barrier designed to secure a space of up to 6m (5m with a bottom skirt). Capable of performing up to 1,500 operations a day, and, compatible with a wide range of access control solutions, the Rapid N is perfect for securing smaller entrances into areas such as car parks. (IP54 Rated).

RIB Rapid N Barrier Layout – Barrier Only (Grey) A3 Layout

RIB Rapid N Barrier Layout – Card Entry & Exit A3 Layout (Grey)

RIB Rapid N Traffic Island Barrier Layout – Card Entry & Exit (Grey)

RIB “Normal” Barriers

The RIB “Normal” Barrier is designed to secure a space up to 7m long, (6m with a bottom skirt). The “Normal” Barrier is designed for larger, industrial entrances and the new “Normal XL” model can even cover openings of up to 8m. The barrier is capable of up to 1000 operations a day and is highly durable (IP55 protection grade).

RIB Normal Barrier Layout – Barrier Only A3 Layout (1)

RIB Normal Barrier Layout – Card Entry & Exit A3 Layout (Grey)

RIB Normal Barrier Layout – Card Entry & Free Exit A3 Layout (Grey)

Tau “RBLO” Barriers

The TAU “RBLO” Barrier, is a smaller unit, suitable for securing spaces up to 4m. With an opening time of just 1.9 seconds, and it’s sleek grey design, the TAU is perfect for someone looking for quick, easy and secure access when space is an issue.

TAU RBLO Barrier Layout – Barrier Only

TAU RBLO Traffic Island Barrier Layout – Card Reader & Free Exit

TAU RBLO Barrier Layout – Card Entry & Card Exit

Automatic Gates

Tracked Sliding Gates

Automate Systems Ltd can provide a range of options for tracked sliding gates, up to 12 metres. Our gates are custom madeĀ and can be provided with a range of access control options. For general information about the gates, for example, the run back space needed, please click on the link below. For more information about our range of tracked sliding gates please contact us on: 01254 234248

Tracked Sliding Gate Layout – Non Site Specific

Cantilever Sliding Gates:

Automate Systems Ltd also provides a range of cantilever sliding gates, that are again, custom built to order. We can build and install a cantilever gate of up to 7.5 metres. For more information about the types of foundation needed, as well as runback space required, please click on the link below.

Cantilever Sliding Gate Layout – Non-Site Specific


Automate Systems Ltd offers both full height, and half height turnstiles to suit any needs. The turnstiles can linked with a wide variety of access control systems and can also be installed with both pedestrian or a DDA Compliant glass swing gate. For a drawing of one of our full height turnstiles please click below.

Full Height Turnstile Layout

Radar Speed Signs

Our range of Radar Speed Signs, with built inĀ radar speed detector and a highly programmable digital display, provide the perfect solution for any site wishing to alert vehicles of both their current speed, and the site speed limit.

For more information about our please click the link below:

Intelligent Speed Sign Data Sheet

Automatic Bollards

Automate Systems Ltd provides a variety of different automatic bollards to various different standards. For information on the “Stoppy”, a standard automatic bollard, please click on the link below. If you would like more information on the higher rated, anti-terror bollards, please contact us on 0800 169 8688.

“Stoppy” Automatic Bollard Data Sheet

For more information on the types of solutions we can provide, pleaseĀ click here.

We can offer you:

  • A free site survey to assess your turnstile requirements by one of our experienced engineers, who have vast knowledge of solving security turnstile problems and are able to relate this product to your needs. The engineer may feel a more suitable and cost effective product would better suit your project, and would discuss the options available with you.
  • We can also advise you on civils/groundworks, provide drawings, and talk through the installation process with you.
  • We can supply drawings and diagrams along with all the technical information and cabling details for the Turnstile you choose.
  • We can discuss the methods of operation for security turnstiles and provide a specification of the products required to help with your tender or design.

For information on the types of access control solutions we can provide, pleaseĀ click here.

To find out more about how our systems can work for you please contact us on:

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