Automatic Barriers & Automatic Car Park Barriers

Often referred to by numerous different descriptions eg automatic barriers or automatic car park barriers, Automate Systems has installed a wide variety up and down the country, from the North of Scotland to the south coast of England and Wales.  Please see below for more information on all our barrier models.

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High Security Barrier with Top and Bottom Skirt

Automatic Barriers

All our car park barriers are fitted, as standard, with heavy duty posts, gear boxes and motors, providing you with the capacity to cope with thousands of operation cycles on a daily basis.  The arm barrier will still maintain fast opening and closing times, which is a purposely designed feature for optimal access control and safety to increase traffic flow whilst still preventing tailgating.

All of our automatic barrier systems come with both posts and safety devices (consisting of either safety induction loops or safety photocells and in some cases, both) and “Stop/No Entry” signs as standard, as well being fully IP rated, giving you peace of mind that your arm barrier is entirely safe and secure.

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Further guidelines on traffic safety can be found here > automatic barriers

Popular Automatic Barriers

Rapid N Automatic Car Park Barriers – Up to 6m beam length

The RAPID electro-mechanical barrier is designed to regulate rapid vehicle access in intensive applications, such as at the entrance posts of a vehicle park and residential areas.

In vehicle park applications, barriers operate constantly throughout the day.

That is why the RAPID series is equipped with robust posts and a fan-cooled motor, to cope with particularly intensive lifting and lowering of the boom (arm or beam).

The two stage limit switches allow control for reduced speed at the end of the opening and closing phases.

All RAPID rising arm barriers are equipped with control board PARK 230V-CRX.

Technical Data – Automatic Car Park Barriers

Maximum boom, arm or beam length 6 metres
Opening time 6 seconds
Max torque 155 nm
Power supply 230V
Power absorbed 1.07A
Actuator weight 62KG
Protection IP54


automatic barrier system

  • The Rapid N arm barrier is designed to secure an opening (beam length) of up to 6m
  • A bottom skirt can be added reducing the length of the arm barrier to 5m
  • It is capable of 1500 operations per day and compatible with a range of access controls
  • A spring counterbalancing system further increases the reliability of the arm barrier by reducing the strain on the motor and gearbox, therefore lasting a greater length of time
  • In the event of a power failure, the arm barrier can be raised using the supplied manual release with minimal effort
  • Complete with electronic control board and mechanical clutch

RIB Normal XL Automatic Barrier – Up to 8m beam length

The RIB Normal arm barrier is an electro-mechanical barrier for industrial entrances and because of its sturdy posts and powerful mechanical system, it can operate booms (beam) up to 8m long.

After 20 years of production and installation, our NORMAL arm barrier is one of the most popular and renowned barriers, thanks to its dependability.


Technical Data – Automatic Barrier Gate – RIB Normal XL

Maximum boom, arm or beam length 8m for Normal XL model
Opening time 8 seconds for XL model
Max torque 300 nm
Power supply 230V
Power absorbed 0.6A
Actuator weight 145KG
Protection IP55

  • The RIB Normal arm barrier is suitable for entrances up to 8m in width
  • The single phase motor (3phase for the XL model), and, oil filled gearbox are combined in a custom sealed unit rated IP55, very reliable and long lasting with strong posts
  • A spring counterbalancing system further increases the reliability of the normal arm barrier by reducing the strain on the motor and gearbox
  • In the event of power failure, the Normal arm barrier can be raised manually using the supplied hand crank
  • Complete with electronic control board and mechanical clutch
  • Cataphoresis treated stove enamelled finish to RAL 7001 (Grey)

Popular Barrier Product Datasheet Downloads

Rapid N click here to access download
RIB Normal XL click here to access download
Solar Powered click here to access download
AMS UHD click here to access download
AMS Maxima click here to access download

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Control & Installation Options

At Auto Mate Systems Ltd, we can both supply and/or install vehicular arm barriers that efficiently control the traffic in your site according to your specific requirements.  There is also a wide variety of access control on offer, including:

  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Digital Keypads
  • Radio Fob Access Systems
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

We can also provide systems to track and monitor entry/exit from your site as well as linking our safety Automatic Barriers systems to your existing access control, if required.

These are available in “Anthracite Grey” colourway as standard, designed to blend into the modern urban environment, however, we can colour match the arm barriers to meet your specific requirements.  We can also supply and install the increasingly popular Solar Powered Barrier systems as well as traffic island systems. These are relatively common at facilities where both the entry and exit is from the same point.

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An Automatic Barrier For Every Application

We have installed automatic rising arm systems all over the UK, for a huge variety of different sites, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial vehicle parks
  • Staff vehicle parks (ranging from 3 parking spaces to over 500)
  • Shopping mall vehicle parks
  • Public vehicle parks for hotels, hospitals and universities
  • Leisure parks and holiday parks
  • Multi-storey vehicle parks
  • Inside factory premises

If you are looking for an effective, reliable and economical way to secure your parking spaces then Auto Mate Systems’ will provide the safety solution you have been looking for!

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For any further information on automatic car park barriers or for a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch via telephone, social media or email;

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