Access Control

Auto Mate Systems Ltd. offer a wide range of access control systems that can be both supplied and installed in combination with any of our barriers, turnstiles, speed lanes etc.  For further information on the systems that we offer and how they can be made to work for you, please read on.

The majority of our access control systems come as either stand alone units, or, as PC linked units.  The difference between the two is that with stand alone units, the cards or fobs are all added directly from the reader/keypad.  On the other hand, PC linked units have a desktop reader linked to the PC, which is used to add the user cards and fobs.

A PC linked system also allows users far more control over access, with users being able to see who and when individuals entered the site, with all information being sent back to a central control point.  Through the use of a network and our PC linked systems, equipment can be very well controlled and all the information can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection.

Proximity Card Reader Systems

Paxton Proximity Card ReadersStand Alone Proximity Card Reader

The stand alone card reader unit is a simple and easy to use access control system.  When one of the accompanying proximity cards is shown to the reader it will send an signal for the attached system (be it barrier, turnstile, gate e.t.c) to open. Cards can be added to multiple readers allowing for access across a site.

Every user card comes complete with a shadow card  meaning that a certain card can be added or deleted from the system, without the need for the original card to be there. This provides both maximum security and safety for your site.

PC Linked Proximity Card Reader

The PC based card reader system works like the above stand alone unit, however cards are added via a desktop reader, with multiple card readers being able to link to one PC. Via the PC system, cards can be added to all the readers at once, or if applicable, can be given access to only certain readers.

The PC system also provides the ability to track and create records of who entered the site and when.

Paxton Net 2 Access Control System

DG500 Digital Keypad System

DG500 Digital Keypad Access Control

The simple and easy to use DG500 is a combined digital keypad and proximity card system, allowing for access to the site via both the entering of afour digit keycode, or upon the production of a known proximity card.

The DG500 is offered as a stand alone based unit only, meaning that the keycode can be changed as many times as you want directly from the reader. The accompanying proximity cards can also be added/deleted directly from the unit.

The DG500 is perfect for situations in which you need to provide access to both regular and irregular users alike.

GSM Switches

GSM Switch Access ControlWe can also provide a GSM Switch/Opener Device. The way in which this works is the device is placed inside of the equipment, a gate for example, with a functioning SIM card. When a vehicle/user drives up to the gate they would simply dial a pre-set number from their mobile phone, which would then send a open signal to the equipment, allowing easy and safe access.


Push Button Stations

Push Button Control SystemPush buttons are perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways to allow access onto/off a site, and are usually installed into receptions or security gatehouses to control an automatic gate or a barrier.

The button stations usually come complete with a open, closed and latching open button, which is used to hold the barrier in place over long periods of time.


Intercom Systems

Audio Intercoms

Our Audio Intercom systems can either be provided wired, with cables connecting the intercom to a room such as a reception, wirelessly (with a range of up to 1oom), or through a GSM system (in which a GSM sim card is placed into the unit, allowing the intercom to work like a mobile phone call, perfect when the barriers/gates e.t.c are a long distance away from the control unit).

With an audio intercom system, the user would drive up and press the call button on the unit, which would them direct them through to the central control unit (in reception or a security lodge), from there the controller could choose to allow them access or keep the safety system closed.

Video Intercoms

Our video intercoms can only be provided through a wired connection. The systems allow the controller to view exactly who is trying to gain access to the site, providing maximum security.

The video system works in exactly the same way as the audio intercom system does.

Our intercom systems can be combined (and usually are) with any other of our access control systems to provide a complete access control solution, providing control over who enters your site for both regular and irregular users.

Audo Intercom Access ControlVideo Intercom Access Control

Radio Fobs

Our Radio Fob systems work exactly like our proximity card readers and can be either stand alone or PC linked. The user would simply approach the barrier/gate/turnstile e.t.c and press a button on the fob. This would then send a signal to the receiver inside the unit, doing away with the need for a mounting post, and the barrier/gate/turnstile would open.

With numerous fobs available, up to a range of 1000 metres, a radio fob system provides complete ease of access and entry onto your site.  We also have fobs that are suitable for industrial use (pictured below).

The PC linked system contains individually coded fobs, the actions of which are logged onto the provided computer

software. Up to 1300 events are logged in the database and can be accessed at any time, providing you with both maximum safety and important data.


Coin Acceptor Systems

Coin Reader Systems Auto Mate Systems Ltd can also provide a coin acceptor system, which when the correct change is inserted, allows entry into the site.

Our coin acceptor systems are often installed on tripod turnstiles (as in the image to the left) to secure entrances to toilets or gym facilities.

Another option could be our token system, which works like a coin reader system however small metal tokens are used to allow exit/entry onto the site, which are then collected in a token hopper, ready to be re-issued. We often install these kind of systems on shop car parks, in which vehicles can only exit the site after receiving a token from a certain shop.


AMS Contactless VPOS Payment Terminal

A new addition to the Auto Mate Systems portfolio for 2019 is the Contactless VPOS Payment Terminal.  Available to be installed on turnstiles which require payment for entry, the VPOS payment terminal allows contactless and/or swipe card payment at the turnstile entry point, saving the customer from requiring cash payment.  With cashless payment becoming increasingly common, along with society using cash less and less frequently, the AMS Contactless VPOS Payment Terminal is the perfect, up-to-date solution for your entry turnstiles.

Long Range Tag Readers

Our Long Range Tag Reader Systems offer vehicle identification of up to 4 metres, providing a cost effective and enduring solution to your access control needs.

Based on windscreen mounted tags, the reader, which is placed next to the installed system, reads a vehicles approach up to 4m away and opens the barrier/gate accordingly, providing effortless entry onto sites.

Long Range Tag Reader Access Control

Bio-metric Access Control

Biometric Reader Access Control

Our Bio-metric Access Control systems are extremely durable, vandal resistant and long lasting, having been put through the test on numerous construction sites around the UK. Often installed alongside turnstiles, they provide a perfect solution for companies looking to allow and monitor access in uncertain weather conditions.

Complete with a thermostat heated sensor, identification in less than a second, a user friendly interface and the ability to detect fingerprints in cold, wet and dirty conditions, the bio-metric systems provide site security to the highest level.


Induction Loops

Auto Mate Systems Ltd. also offers induction loops as a means of sending an open or close signal to any of our pieces of equipment.

The loop’s are cut into the ground, a certain distance away from the equipment, and when a vehicle drives over them, a signal is sent for the piece of equipment, for example, an open signal to the barrier or a change signal to a set of traffic lights.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Ensure maximum security on your premises with our modern ANPR system.  Our ANPR cameras can be installed to use as entry and/or exit control, allowing pre-programming of vehicle registration plates to prevent unwanted entry on to your site.  The cameras can also be used for live monitoring as well as number plate recognition.

Restriction or allowance for different groups and/or individuals can be set, including time settings.  Full event logs can be stored and viewed and this can all be done via software installed on to your PC or computer system.

We can offer:

  • Supply and installation of a fully operational and integrated access control system
  • A full 12 month warranty with all installations
  • Various levels of maintenance contracts to suit your requirements (all at competitive rates)
  • A design solution for your particular site
  • Diagrams and technical information on cable installations for our products
  • A specification of products required to help with your building design

For any further information on access control systems or for a full quotation for your own access control system, please do not hesitate to get in touch via telephone, fax or email;

Phone: 01254 234248
Fax: 08707 55 46 00