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Cantilever Sliding Barriers

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Automate Systems Ltd can supply and install, custom built cantilever sliding barriers of up to 12m long.

This consists of a heavy duty cantilever section with a thick walled 100mm x 200m steel section above, giving a total beam height of 300mm.

The beam is cantilevered across the entrance by a total of 16 steel heavy duty bearing rollers, all of which are enclosed within the cantilever section and closes into a heavy duty steel A frame.

When in the closed position there is no natural pivot point to fail in the event of a vehicle impact.

Driven by a high speed motor, it opens and closes the beam at twice the speed of a standard sliding gate.

The motor is PLC controlled and has high quality inductive limit switches for position sensing, all of which leads to improved reliability and flexibility of control.

cantilever barriercantilever barrier






We can supply and install a variety of access systems to control the barrier, including:

  • Proximity card readers
  • Intercom systems (either hardwired or GSM for remote sites)
  • Long range tag readers
  • Radio fob systems
  • Touch screen controlled access from a central location.

To ensure the level of safety for users, dual photocell beams are mounted on each side of the beam, and resistive safety edges on the ends of the beam are installed as standard.

A hot dip galvanised finish is as standard, complete with a full stainless steel cover to protect the motor and electronics (can be polyester powder coated if required)

The cantilever sliding barriers’ main pedestal is fixed to a suitable concrete foundation with a total of 16 substantial chemical resin fixings.