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Our aesthetically pleasing range of pedestrian speed lanes are the ultimate solution for control of pedestrian access, offering a high level of security, speed in operation and anti-tailgating benefits of a physical, traditional turnstile but without the need for a manually operated turnstile arm.

Each lane is designed to allow access to 40 people per minute in either direction and multiple lanes can be installed side by side by means of double sided intermediate pedestals to enhance throughput on particularly busy entrances.

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When a valid card is presented the illuminated, clear gate paddles retract into the pedestal in less than 1 second to allow access.  The users movement is then monitored through the lane by several built in photoelectric safety beams – as soon as they have passed through the lane the glass paddles return to the fully closed position just as quickly.

The photocell beams also trigger an alarm and visual indication if a person attempts to pass through the lane or jump over the paddles without first presenting a valid card.  The alarm also activates if someone attempts to pass though the lane in the opposite direction to that which access has been granted.

Speed Lane Manufacture

Each speed lane pedestal is manufactured from high quality brushed stainless steel and comes complete with red cross / green arrow LED indication built in to the end of each lane, along with a flush mount toughened glass panel to allow proximity card readers to be seamlessly integrated within the units.

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Every speed lane system installed by Automate Systems can be connected to the building fire alarm system to automatically open and allow unrestricted access in the event of an emergency.  In the event of a sudden power loss, the controller retains enough power to automatically retract the gate paddles to allow safe access.

Speed Lane – Supply & Installation

For a complete entrance solution we can also install automatic glass swing gates alongside the pedestrian speed lanes, for DDA access or delivery of bulky items – along with matching stainless steel and toughened glass balustrade infill sections in site specific sizes or designs.

Speed Lanes by Automate

When it comes to choosing your speed lanes supplier, choose Automate Systems.

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