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Listed below is more in depth information on our traffic light and traffic management systems and equipment, including car park traffic light systems, industrial traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and wig wag traffic lights. If you have any questions at all we would be only too pleased to help so give us a call we are here to help you and your business solve problems, conform to new health and safety initiatives, improve your safety and efficiency, and become more profitable.

Automate – Value For Money Traffic Light Suppliers

Automate are value for money traffic light suppliers. In addition, as well as being able to supply you individual traffic light components, such as traffic light heads, posts, vehicle movement detectors or traffic light controllers, we can supply other vehicle road signs such as radar speed signs, wig wag flashing lights as seen at level crossings, and school patrol warning lights. As an automation company we can integrate traffic systems to your security systems with ease and write a unique software programme to interface the two if required. The same applies in reverse if you have a security or access control system that needs to activate a traffic light system we have the technology to interface the two.

Pelican crossing heads

Traffic Light Controller


Car Park Traffic Lights & Car Park Traffic Light Systems

Auto Mate Systems Ltd can design and install a simple traffic management system to control entry onto car park ramps in both multi storey or underground car parks, with traffic flow priority given to the customers requirement, often dictated by planning consent.

Auto Mate Systems has provided many traffic light systems which we have designed to accommodate the planning consent of inner city buildings and car parks. The systems can be timed with traffic flow priorities that change at various times of the day or they can utilise vehicle detection systems, such as induction loops

To avoid the pit falls of some detection equipment, it is advisable to contact our traffic light systems designers at the earliest opportunity. As a gate automation company we can also interface the traffic lights with gates, barriers, roller shutters etc, keeping the car park secure and safe.

Factory SafetyTraffic light 3 head


Industrial Traffic Lights & Factory Safety Traffic Management Systems

Auto Mate Systems Ltd has designed many different factory safety systems where vehicles interface with pedestrians or with other larger vehicles for example:

Large HGV’s on a busy site gaining access to individual loading bays (combined with large VMS signs to direct certain HGV’s to specific loading bays).

Fork lift crossing systems: Where forklift trucks operate near pedestrian walkways, through a site or leaving a building into a busy road. We can design a system that perfectly fits your needs.

Multiple traffic light systems linking to one central security house. The system was linked to automatic gates and controlled via touch screen.

Pedestrian crossings or zebra crossings on main roads within the site.

These systems can be designed to your specific needs with the software for the traffic light controller purposely written with your site in mind, giving you the added benefits of being able to control and alter any timings within the system. The control methods for site vehicles can be varied from a push button or induction loop in the road, to a vehicle mounted radio transmitter. For more information on the systems we offer, or to arrange a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Forklift Traffic ManagementTraffic Light and VMS Sign

Factory Pedestrian Crossing


Pedestrian Crossings

Auto Mate Systems Ltd can also install pedestrian crossings such as the simple Belisha Beacon or Zebra crossing equipment, complete with road markings if necessary. We have also installed these type of systems for clients who have private highways most commonly, factories, industrial estates and NHS hospital trusts. Their systems have include Pelican Crossings with the traffic lights being operated by push and wait buttons. Red man standing and green man walking functions are also available with options of sounders as well as other derivatives such as the Puffin Crossing, Toucan Crossing and Pegasus Crossing (for use with horse riders, as seen below).

The Puffin Crossing (Pedestrian User-Friendly Intelligent crossings) differ from Pelican Crossings in that there is no flashing green figure phase. On Puffin Crossings the red and green figures are above the control box on your side of the road. You press the button and wait for the green figure to show.

Measham Quarry

Pedestrian Crossing








Wig Wag lights

Wig Wag lights are most commonly used at level crossings and fire/ambulance stations to stop traffic to enable emergency vehicles to exit the station. Wig Wag lights are also used on bridges or tunnels. They are a very useful sign, especially in factories where the clutter of other signs may mean a red traffic light goes unnoticed. There may be a need to stop all traffic whilst a vehicle needs to emerge or reverse out of a blind spot of a factory workshop door, into a main carriage way. The driver of the vehicle can carry a radio remote control to switch on the light when he is ready to reverse and switch it off once he is in the carriage way and moving off safely.

One recent application was to facilitate and secure a long wheel based, rail car carrying vehicle which had to reverse into the main road several times a day. The solution was to put a wig-wag traffic light to stop the traffic. This was activated by remote control and when the lorry was out in the road the driver could turn the light off and drive away saving time and money because there was no need to get some-one to guide them in the reversing manoeuvre.

0Wig Wag Lights

 Radar Speed Signs

 For more information about the Radar Speed Signs we offer, please click here.

  Radar Speed Sign & Traffic Ligh


Warning Flashing Amber Lights

Twin amber flashing lights are usually a warning sign for a school crossing patrol or where people are working in or close to a roadway. They are also used on automatic machinery such as moving gates or barriers and they can also be used with sounders, so that when a piece of automatic equipment requires attention it can be interfaced with other warning systems, for example, a boiler may be over pressure or a fuel or chemical process is leaking and a warning needs to kick in automatically.

 Flashing amber light

For more information on the types of access control solutions we can provide, please click here.

We can offer:

  • A free site survey to assess your requirements by one of our experienced engineers who have a vast knowledge of solving traffic management problems.
  • We can advise you on some solutions to aid with planning permissions for car parks
  • We can design a traffic management system for your particular situation.
  • We can supply diagrams and technical information on cable installations for our products.
  • We can write a traffic light system method of operation complete with a specification of products required to help with your tender or building design