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Car Park Traffic Lights System Supplier

Auto Mate Systems Limited can supply and install car park traffic light systems and industrial traffic lights throughout the UK.  As you would expect from one of the UK’s most respected traffic light suppliers, each one of our systems is produced by a leading manufacturer and tailored to meet your requirements.

We sell a range of components for traffic lights, including heads, posts, detector and controllers.

Auto Mate – Value For Money Traffic Light Suppliers

Auto Mate are able to integrate traffic management systems to current security systems with ease and write software to integrate the two, if required.

As traffic light suppliers, providers and installers for near on 25 years, we have a vast amount of experience.

Our systems can often be programmed to adapt at set points to allow for induction loops or other detectors, as well as being programmed to change throughout the week or day, to allow for appropriate changes.

Car Park Traffic Lights & Car Park Traffic Light Systems

Traffic Light SystemsWe can integrate our products with gates, barriers, or roller shutters, along with other manufacturer systems that already in place.

All our installs come with 12 months warranty and we can offer maintenance contracts beyond that.  A maintenance contract can be tailored to suit your needs, or, we can recommend a bespoke contract that would suit the volume of usage at your site; common maintenance contracts include either one or two annual visits, depending on usage.

Industrial Traffic Lights and Factory Traffic Control Systems

With nigh on 25 years experience in the industry, Auto Mate Systems Limited have installed a vast range of different systems across the UK and you can see examples of our industrial installs at manufacturers such as GlaxoSmithKline here.

Latest CLS Technology

Our traffic light systems use ultra-modern CLS technology (central light source).

CLS typically comprises 1 light emitting diode (LED) behind the light lens.  To maximise light output and create an even spread of light, a diffuser is used in this arrangement.

Industrial traffic light suppliersThis provides an even light across the whole traffic light, making for a more aesthetically pleasing look.  This also reduces the chance of breakages, as there is just one light instead of many.

CLS optics provide a number of desirable advantages when compared with standard type tungsten halogen light sources including:

  • Better reliability
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower operating & maintenance costs
  • Improved optical performance
  • Longer operating lifespan

Before we fit your system, we will usually conduct a site visit to ensure the site is suitable.  This also allows for any queries and solutions to be provided face to face.

All of the industrial traffic lights systems we install have a strong, weather resistant poly-carbonate structure.  They utilise low voltage LED’s to save money on electricity and also reduces emissions.

Industrial Traffic Lights

As more and more vehicles are taking to the road, it is becoming a necessity to install on site industrial traffic lights to manage traffic movement.  To enhance safety and efficiency for traffic movement on an industrial site, a traffic signalling system from expert traffic light suppliers, is the clear and sensible choice.

Our Systems In Action

We recently installed a traffic light system at SCA Hygiene as well as at GSK.  These systems are designed to allow the efficient movement of traffic across a site whilst ensuring maximum safety for pedestrians.  At SCA, the system is incorporated with a roller shutter, between two manufacturers warehouses.  This sort of system can be seen on our news page above.

Industrial traffic lights, whilst providing a safer environment, also enhance the extent to which you can control your site.  You can ensure that certain vehicles can be in certain places at specific times and that manufacturers users can recognise where they are able to go and where they should not.  We also have ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems that can be used with our lights, these can control the lights based on the vehicle in question.

Car Park Traffic Light SystemAt pharmaceuticals manufacturer GSK, we also installed an industrial traffic lights system that provides the number plate of a vehicle (on an LED sign) and instructs them where to go/park. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading vehicles. For instance, if a HGV comes onto site, you can direct that specific vehicle, based on its number plate, to a certain point/bay where it can un-load, this reduces waiting times for specific bays to be free and eliminates re-organising goods vehicles to be in the correct positions.

Complementary Systems

Other traffic management systems are also available for manufacturers and can be incorporated into any industrial traffic lights system.

As professional traffic light suppliers, we can also install radar speed signs, wig wag lights, gates, barriers and a variety of other manufacturers security devices that can be integrated to fully automate traffic movement throughout your industrial site.  These systems can be fully customised and upon contact, each customer is given a dedicated project manager that will guide them through the processes required.

For any further information, or, a quote on a traffic light system, please do not hesitate to get in touch via telephone, fax, email or through our social media channels;

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