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Automatic Barriers & Car Park Barriers

Automate Car Park Barriers

Automate car park barriers and traffic barriers enable vehicle parking concerns around every modern urban development to be addressed in a safe cost effective manner.

The expansion of car usage on the roads of the UK is still set to rise in the foreseeable future, undoubtedly creating a situation where planning for and creating secured car parking spaces with traffic barriers becomes even more critical.

Automatic Barriers  traffic barriers

With the rising costs of employment making car parking attendants less and less feasible, automatic car parking barriers are proving to be the most reliable, effective and most importantly, cost effective solution to this problem. With various different types of  automatic barriers designed for specific situations, catering to both regular and non-regular users, coupled with our vast array of access control, Automate Systems Ltd. can surely find the right barrier to suit your needs.

Our Car Parking Barriers

Automate Systems Ltd. takes pride in only installing the best automation equipment which is why we are the certified UK distributor for RIB Automation equipment, a manufacturer known for reliability, ease of use and effectiveness. We also supply and install TAU equipment for the same reasons.

All car parking barriers from Automate Systems are fitted, as standard, with heavy duty gear boxes and motors, providing you with the capacity to cope with thousands of operation cycles daily whilst still maintaining  fast opening and closing times, designed to increase traffic flow whilst preventing tailgating.

All of our automatic barriers come with both safety devices (consisting of either safety induction loops or safety photocells and in some cases both) and “Stop/No Entry” signs as standard, as well being fully IP rated, giving you peace of mind that your barrier is fully safe and secure.

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Automatic Barriers – The Options

At Automate Systems you can find vehicular barriers that efficiently control the traffic in your site according to your specific requirements. With a wide variety of access control on offer, ranging from proximity card readers, digital keypads, radio fob access to long range license plate recognition. We can also provide systems to track and monitor entry/exit from your site as well as linking our traffic barriers to your existing access control if required.

Automate Car Park Barriers come in an “Urban Grey” as standard, designed to blend into the modern urban environment, however they can also be colour matched to your requirements. We can also supply and install Solar Powered Automatic Barriers if required, as well as traffic island systems, which are fairly common in staff car parks where both entry and exit access is from the same point.

Traffic Barriers For Every Application

We have installed Automatic Barriers all over the UK, for a huge variety of different sites, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial parking areas
  • Staff parking areas (ranging from 3 car parking spaces to over 500)
  • Shopping mall parking areas
  • Public parking areas for hotels, hospitals and universities
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Inside of factories

If you are looking for an effective, reliable and economical way to secure your car parking spaces then Automate Systems’ car parking barriers, automatic barriers or traffic barriers could be the solution you have been looking for!

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