Design Services

Here at Automate Systems, we offer a full range of design services to help aid you with your projects, ranging from:

  • Providing advice on suitable access control systems
  • Designing fully automatic gates to secure site entrances
  • Planning and designing full, site-wide, traffic management systems.

Our experienced systems designers can work with you, your planners, architects and local councils to design a solution that meets your needs.

Site Surveys

A site survey will help us understand the environment in which we will be working and in turn allows us to offer the best solution, tailored to your needs.

We can guide you through an array of options on your site and create a cost effective system that will positively affect your position.

Bespoke Design Services

We can work with you to create a bespoke system tailored to your needs and help to find the most appropriate solution.

This service allows us to be extremely flexible with the systems we install and helps you to find the best system for your requirements.

PLC Software Design

Our PLC systems can be specifically programmed to your requirements.

The systems we use allow for a range of custom features and in doing so, help create a system best suited to you.

A Programmable Logic Controller or PLC for short, allows you to change settings in a range of systems to best suit what you need and when you need it.