RIB Rapid N Automatic Barrier – Gatwick Airport

A recent installation at a well known companies’ EV charging area, providing them with an RIB Rapid N Automatic Barrier with various access control and safety features, adjacent to Gatwick Airport.

Our Automatic Barriers provide an effective and long lasting solution to controlling the access of vehicles and securing car parks or areas of your premises.  There is a wide number of options available for access control on automatic barriers such as; proximity cards, intercoms, radio fobs, digital keypads and much more!

We also installed safety photo cells, as standard, to further improve the barriers safety mechanisms and to provide a detection system, thus reducing the chance of the barrier lowering on either a vehicle or pedestrian.

All the above mentioned features are available on both our mains powered Automatic Barriers and Solar Powered Barriers.  Please ask for more details.

If you would like any further information on automatic barriers, including the RIB Rapid N model featured in this article, access control systems or any of the products you have seen on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the below channels;

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